The talent and the sweet voice of the Japanese singer and instrumentalist, Mary Banri

The talent and the sweet voice of the Japanese singer and instrumentalist, Mary Banri
Interview by Giuseppe Cossentino

The talent and the sweet voice of the Japanese singer and instrumentalist, Mary Banri

Mary Banri, Japanese singer and instrumentalist, with a vibrant and sweet voice. A unique talent that we at Italyintheworld have reached for an exclusive interview.

How was your passion for music born?

From around the age of two, I was drawn into the world of sound, and I enjoyed

carrying a small piano with me wherever I went and expressing the world I heard with

songs and pianos.

It started with something very introspective.

And I was absorbed in making the imagination, inquisitiveness, and emotions that

occur in me sound. At the same time, I think there was a longing for the wide world

that spreads in my heart and the release of my anxiety and fear.

This has to do with my parents, family and friends giving me a lot of music, picture

books and love since I was a child. Since then, I have strengthened my passion for

music by freely playing and learning in the blessings of Japan’s nature, interacting with

my music friends, and experiencing various growth experiences.

All the motivations are due to the importance of having an imagination and to my

parents who have given me free thinking and imagination and have always affirmed


And I am very grateful to all the people, events and people who have given me my


 A project you are working on … what do you inspire for your music?


It is people’s “sharing of emotions” and “resonance with love.” It is very

inspirational when I see the various connections of love that overflow in nature and

society, and when I feel that I can share the emotions that people have in my beloved

daily life. When I come into contact with people’s warm spirits and minds and turn

them into my music, I feel a very precious guide.

Loneliness and anxiety sometimes upset people. And sadness tends to forget

oneself. But with music by my side, we can affirm ourselves, love ourselves, and

remember our strength and comfort.

 Your favorite Italian singer …?


Chiara Civello,

Sergio Cammariere,

Andrea Bocelli

What are your future projects?

I’m planning to create new works and develop live activities in Tokyo that could not be

done due to restrictions on going out. In addition, I would like to carry out activities

that allow people all over the world to incorporate and feel my work, not just in Japan.

The situation is going on all over the world. People are having more volatile times

than ever before.

Music and art calm our minds and give us the courage to inspire tomorrow’s hopes.

I would like to continue to disseminate my work and performance so that it can be a

source of heart for someone.

I would like to deliver to many people not only the music of modern digital

distribution, but above all, my “ubivis” of Design CD BOOK produced with a focus on

analog works.

Thank you for sharing

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